lunes, octubre 07, 2013

Recomendaciones generales para entrevista técnica con Amazon

Al momento de coordinar una entrevista con Amazon, te hacen llegar las sigueintes recomendaciones para que la entrevista se desarrolle de la mejor manera posible.

The technical interview will include (but is not limited to) questions related to Coding, Data structures, Algorithms and Object Oriented Design and will last about an hour.  Due to the technical nature of this interview, please do not drive or commute during your phone interview. Please consider the following interview tips: 1. Be in a quiet place where you are comfortable and there are no distractions .2. Have a copy of your resume available just in case you are questioned on it.3. Please have access to the internet during this time.4. Have any questions you have for the interviewer ready.5. If you will be speaking on your cell phone, please ensure that you are in a place with enough cell phone coverage to avoid any call drops.6. Review the job description and this link: Amazon Values

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